Zyanya Keizer

Zyanya Keizer has developed seven collections over the last three years using progressive design techniques and conventional and organic materials. Her work has been highly accoladed for its intricate detailing and strong aesthetic and covers themes from the ocean to albinism. Our relation to nature is a red thread through Zyanya's avant-garde work and calling awareness to its beauty and fragility is one of her main goals.  

Zyanya is currently researching traditional African textile techniques and can be approached for projects / assignments in the realm of: 

• Personal designs / couture
• Presentation of her collections, for example in an exhibition / show format
• Personal presentations about her design ethic  
• Sustainable design assignments

• Thematic presentations: albinism & safe havens, consumption & future scenario's, sleep & fear, thunderstorms & lightning, the ocean & sea creatures, man made environment and raw nature