Purpose Day

Purpose Day – a day where individuals and organisations are stimulated to reflect on their purpose within their business endeavours – took place for the first time on November ’17 at Impact Hub in Amsterdam. GW Agency worked with De Droomfabriek – who offer courses and purposeful training – to develop the concept and execution of Purpose Day, from sourcing the location, to structuring PR and finding a media partner, developing the brand identity, realising an Award and producing the event!



Purpose, or meaning, is seen within business as the foundation for corporate social relevance. On the first Purpose Day companies were encouraged to discuss and discover their purpose and De Droomfabriek organised a conference at the Impact Hub in Amsterdam.
Speakers included Katja Schuurman (Return to Sender), Kim Liebregts (Tesla), Mihela Hladin Wolfe (Patagonia) and Anna van der Veen (Moyee Coffee). Along with game changers from companies such as Rituals, Concept7, WuWei4Life and ShareNL speakers and attendees shared their views on business and gave insight into their own process. In addition to inspiring presentations participants were offered practical tools to apply meaning within a business environment and were provided with access to a network of dedicated and successful purpose-driven organizations. Tips and tricks to achieve purpose in your company can be found on www.purposeday.nl



It all started when...

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