GW "Gone Wrong"  is an agency specialised in developing concepts, managing cost effective projects and executing powerful work products and events.


GW aims to create change. From the belief that most things can be done in a smarter, more sustainable and more appealing way. That action speaks louder than words. And that evolution doesn’t come when following traditional approaches, but by going down new paths and taking wrong turns. 

Although not limited to fashion, fashion clientele and fashion-related themes form a red line in GW projects. A select group of future oriented fashion designers are represented by GW and are supported in their out-of-the-box endeavours and system alternatives.

GW founder Holly Syrett has an entrepreneurial approach to projects and works as a consultant, developing concepts and advising organisations around events, partnerships and presentations. 

"I aim to contribute to the development and sustainability of the fashion industry. I founded GW Agency and realise projects throughout the fashion supply chain to achieve this goal, independently and with clients. With nine years’ experience working in the industry I have in-depth knowledge, an influential network and have been able to define opportunities to create change."




GW realises short and long-term projects on assignment as well as own initiatives in:

Concept Development
Project Management
Communication & PR
Event Production
Brand Activation
Interdisciplinary Collaborations