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From Tuesday June 27th to Sunday July 2nd 2017, Pulp Fabrics is hosting a sustainable fabric Pop- Up Shop at its atelier on Beethovenstraat 18-20 in Amsterdam.

Repurposed materials sourced from within the Netherlands and new sustainable materials from Ecological Textiles will be on offer by the meter. Examples of available materials are: Tencel, Hemp, Wool, Organic Cotton, Naturally dyed materials, repurposed Ecco leather and exclusive repurposed interior textiles.

Pulp Fabrics is a fashion and fabrics project by fashion designer Natalie de Koning and Holly Syrett from GW Agency. Within Pulp Fabrics the duo sell sustainable fashion materials and 'DIY-design packs' intended to encourage people to make their own garments. In addition they work on assignment, for example on (upcycling) design projects and teaching fashion-forward upcycling seminars. They are also constantly on the hunt for fabrics that can be repurposed. Pulp Fabrics’ goal is to reduce the textile waste pile in the Netherlands and to increase the availability of beautiful and sustainable fabric options.

Although the interest in sustainable fashion is increasing, it still proves hard to purchase sustainable fabric options, especially per meter. The Pulp Fabrics Pop-Up Shop hopes to change that and to become a reoccurring event!

Pulp Fabrics Pop-Up Shop
Date: Tuesday June 27th - Sunday July 2nd 2017
Times: Tuesday - Friday 11.00 - 18.00
Location: Pulp Fabrics Atelier - Beethovenstraat 18-20, Amsterdam Prices start at €5,- p/m up to €45,- p/m.
More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/672036312995856/



More information

  • Natalie de Koning is high-end fashion designer specialised in upcycling. She teaches sewing and traditional handicraft workshops such as 'boezelbreien'.
  • GW Agency represents a handful of future-oriented fashion designers and realises projects with clients across the fashion supply chain to build a sustainably renewed fashion industry.
Holly Syrett