Martijn van Strien

Martijn van Strien uses modern technologies to bring innovative ideas to the fashion world. By testing radically different approaches to garment design, production and consumption he aims to change perceptions and open possibilities for a more sustainable industry.  

Martijn developed and leads the Post-Couture Collective - an open-source platform for on-demand clothing production using laser-cutters. He works as a yarn advisor at the Textiellab and retails the Makersleeve - A clever sleeve he developed for portable digital devices based on a fully parametric design that is lasercut on-demand. He is also a frequent speaker at international conferences.

Together with GW Agency, Martijn is exploring investment and scaling possibilities for the Post-Couture Collective.

Please contact us to discuss partnership possibilities and / or in relation to:

• Partnership possibilities with Post-Couture Collective
• Requests for lectures / presentations
• Presentation of Martijn's collections, for example in an exhibition / show format
• On-Demand design assignments

Post-Couture Antwerp Shoot (above)
Photography: Lee Wei Swee
Hair & make-up: Cecile Paravina
Models: Simon & Lotte | Rebel Management, Melvin | Housecat
Concept: Lee Wei Swee, Sofie Gaudaen, Sofie Nieuwborg, Emmanuel Ryngaert, Kjell de Meersman