GW Agency represents a select group of future oriented fashion designers and supports them in their out-of-the-box endeavours and system alternatives.


Martijn van Strien

Martijn van Strien uses modern technologies to bring innovative ideas to the fashion world. By testing radically different approaches to garment design, production and consumption he aims to change perceptions and open possibilities for a more sustainable industry.  

Natalie de Koning

Upcycling is Natalie de Koning's second nature and a strong characteristic in her collections and theme for workshops that she realises at her atelier in Amsterdam, but also on assignment.


Zyanya Keizer

Zyanya Keizer has developed seven collections over the last three years using progressive design techniques and conventional and organic materials.

Julia Bocanet

Concept designer and storyteller Julia Bocanet graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven with Distilled Wardrobe - a three garment series of cleverly constructed garments with transformable elements.